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Smart 17 Stocks Report

Smart report contains this subject:

1. MACD Wave the current wave of the market according EWA exactly where market will reverse this is the main analysis that we give MACD Wave.

2. Market Trend gives current trend of the market, where its heading to and where is the target of the current trend bottom and top level of the trend

3. Under the trading floor we see hamors reactions, there mood and telling in this section hamor information according our partners in banks

4 Stocks With good future we choose stocks that have most biggest and good future during this condition of trend

5.Today Important levels is about levels that during the day you must watch

6. Yesterday results we comparee trend break up or down

7 Long term vision we see how long term trend will go and what is the targets.

8 Levels to watch on opening are special kind levels that open move before market bell

All other sectioins and pages in report is about each stock with buy and sell recommendations