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Saudi Investment Bank is the first bank that opened accounts for clients of Sarasen Group in 2004 since that time we are very pleased with its services and branches working around Saudi Arabia

The shareholders of SAIB, a publicly listed company, include J. P. Morgan Chase, Mizuho Corporate Bank - formerly, The Industrial Bank of Japan, Saudi public and private institutions as well as Saudi Individuals.

We have also established successful joint-ventures / subsidiaries to cater to Investment Banking and Share Trading, Asset Management, Leasing, Mortgages, Insurance and Credit Cards.

Traditional Wholesale

We offer traditional wholesale, retail and commercial banking products. In particular, we arrange financing of quasi-government and private industrial sectors and trade finance products for facilitating imports and increasing Saudi exports.

Retail Side

On the retail side we offer a comprehensive range of Sharia compliant products and services including accounts, murabaha investments and personal finance solutions. We also provide a comprehensive range of Treasury and Institutional Banking products and services