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TASI general index of Saudi stock market currently have reached point where market participants must decide what to do next. In this report you will see main delegated points of index and the reasons of making such points and levels.

Today as for the whole week now we have most important levels to break which will determine the next future of TASI and Saudi market itself. Crisis in Ukraine,  NCB IPO all that factors generally affecting market but at the same time you will see in our fundamental analysis that all these political and economical factors are already in the price. And as the prices itself is the general and structural factor that moves the market then all levels are implementing there importance of  these levels breakouts. From psychological point of view ALWAYS PRICE scares people, not the political, economical factors sometimes wars, but WHERE MARKET WILL BE TOMORROW? Questions that making people to move or try to move ahead. Our main challenge is to show our clients that predictions of prices will give them chance to predict the possible and open scenario of movements in the