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18-storied residence building - Residential Complex "Kama-City" (Sjujumbike street, Nizhnekamsk)

Many people have dream of living in a large house or a comfortable apartment in which all meet the conditions of comfort and convenience.

Buying apartment in Nizhnekamsk on the secondary market is not very difficult, but much more pleasant to move into the accommodation whose history starts from a clean slate. The opportunity to purchase such habitation residents and guests of Nizhnekamsk indeed there is - enough to pay attention to a unique residential complex "Kama-City".

Completion of construction Second quarter 2016

Sections 1

Full name 18-storied apartment house with the built in uninhabited premises and underground parking place

Total of apartments 1-roomed: 68

2-roomed: 68

Total area of apartments (m2) 1-roomed: 2509,2 

2-roomed: 3974,6

The area of apartments (m2) 1-roomed: 36,9

2-roomed: 57,4

Specification Bearing construction made of monolithic ferro-concrete. 

Design of external walls is three-layered: facing brick, insulant and aerocrete blocks

In the project all is considered for comfortable residing. Final finishing of apartments and ladder platforms, noise-free elevators, Concierge Desk, ССTV monitoring - all it and many other things will allow the future residents to estimate high level of comfort and security.

The project provides underground car parking. Before facility commissioning developer will make landscaping and site finishing, create recreational space for residents and a playground.

Residential Complex «Kama-City" - is the perfect place for the little ones. All yards and recreational areas located within the residential area, closed to vehicles. It will include sports courts and playgrounds.

The first floor of the residential complex "Kama-City" will be used for social facilities necessary in everyday life.

Infrastructure of the residential complex "Kama-City" - well thought-out project. Within walking distance from it has everything you need for comfortable living: shops, supermarkets, schools and kindergartens, cafes and restaurants, hair salons and more. Adjacent territory will be fully landscaped. Furthermore, for the convenience of motorists will be built guest parking.