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SaudiTrader – is a FREE cross-platform analysis for small investors analysis and monitoring Stock Markets. With SaudiTrader platform you can follow and analyze Forex market real-time. Using professional charts and receive real –time analysis from our technical analysis team

SaudiTrader consists 3 main components Charts, Quotes and Technical Analysis.

Charts – charts engine which we using in SaudiTrader is one of the most flexible, and will be comfortable as for beginner  as well as for professional traders and investors. In charts you can use:

·         SaudiTrader supports all of the popular   chart  display styles: Candlestick, OHLCV, OHLC, and  HLC,Heiken Ashi Candles, Darvas Boxes, 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume,  and  Shaded Equivolume

     Built in Line Studies like Ellipse, Rectangle, Trend Line, Speed Lines, Gann Fan, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Time Zones, Tirone Levels, Quadrant Lines, Raff Regression,  and  Error Channel  the most popular technical indicators which can be mixed up for more detailed technical information

 Quotes – There is 2 types of quotes which can be used in SaudiTrader. First type is a table of quotes as in many trading platforms, second type is a ticker. Ticker is a separated window of quote and can be used on any currency. Separated window of particular quote gives a comfortable use of SaudiTrader, almost each window in SaudiTrader can  be detached  and can be used separately. It means you can use other programs and at the same follow quotes from SaudiTrader ticker window.

Analysis –In see SaudiTrader platform you can use short-term and middle-term technical analysis of Forex currency pairs. In chart window under the chart itself you can use our technical analysis and always know current support and resistance levels. Which will give you information on current trend, current targets and pullback levels.

Required Investments 500 000$