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Kazan- in 2014 Mr.Sarasen with his staff made a series of presentation on analysis of Tadawul KSA (Stock Market of Saudi Arabia) in 2015 the results of Sarasen Group clients risen to 814% . In 2016 Sarasen Group developed Sarasen Signals first revolutionary mobile application and soon Mr.Sarasen again will make analysis Video Presentation series in Youtube.

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JEDDAH — Saudi Arabia’s stock market fell sharply on Tuesday after the oil minister said the government was considering whether to raise domestic energy prices, a reform that could initially at least hurt consumer spending and corporate profits.

Asked on the sidelines of a mining conference if he expected domestic energy prices to increase in the near term, Ali Al-Naimi said: “What you are asking is: is it under study? And the answer is yes.”

Naimi did not give any details of the possible changes, which could form part of a major tightening of fiscal policy next year as the government reduces a budget deficit estimated at well over $100 billion in 2015.

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